Erin Eades’ music is truly a hybrid; the artist takes liberally from Americana, indie, alternative, country, and much more to make collages that are as surprising as they are rooted in traditional American music.”

Brian Clifton, Mills Record Company


Erin Eades is a singer-songwriter and solo acoustic performer based in Kansas City.  With influences rooted in indie rock, alternative, and country, she serves up Americana tunes with a side of grit.  Eades writes based on personal experience - her debut EP, "Diary" is a reflection of the road that led her to begin a solo music career after a more than decade-long hiatus from performing.  Life happens - relationships end and get messy, we struggle with mental health, we get let go from our jobs, we move halfway across the country; Eades takes those experiences, turns life's lemons into lemonade and adds in a shot of whiskey. 

Though she plays with only an acoustic guitar and light loops and harmonies, Eades "is able to make them fill any space with lush melodies and compelling narratives." - Brian Clifton, Mills Record Company