Erin Eades is a singer-songwriter in Kansas City, MO.

Originally from the mountain state of West Virginia, Eades began making music at the age of 12, when out of boredom her father handed her a 1950's Gibson that had been stored away, waiting for someone to play.   It wasn't long before she began writing songs, recording her first album at age 17 as part of the duo Special Guest.  After a more than decade-long hiatus from music, Eades began playing music again after moving to Kansas City and began her solo career in 2015.  She has since played dozens of venues in the Kansas City area, won the 2016 HRC Kansas City Battle of the Bands Acoustic Stage, and has started to play more regionally, sharing her heartfelt lyrics, classic melodies, and percussive guitar style with audiences in the Midwest.  Her music is genuine, and shares bits of her story, drawing from experiences that many find relatable.  Influenced by the strong female singer-songwriters she listened to growing up, including Joni Mitchell, Carole King, and Jewel, she followed their lead and added her own tinges of twang, angst, and blues.

Eades released her debut single, "Looking From the Bottom" in 2017, and will release her EP, "Diary" in Fall 2018. 



Erin Eades commands attention when she takes the stage. Though her music features just an acoustic guitar and her voice, Eades is able to make them fill any space with lush melodies and compelling narratives”

Brian Clifton, Mills Record Company

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